Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Permently change your voice without damge?

lol download morphvox :P
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  • How do i change my voice?

    I have a sort of masculine voice and i'm a girl so i want it to be more feminine. It also sounds like i'm speaking through my nose. Help please?How do i change my voice?
    There is no real way of changing it unless you get surgery to tighten your voice muscles and box, but thats mainly for transexuals going from male to female, but obviously your voice won't be as deep as that. my voice is the same, it doesn't seem to be as light and cute as other girls can be, but i've learnt that no one really notices, so don't worry but if it's really getting you down the only way you could change is just changing how you speak but that would be very hard to do round the clock. good luck!How do i change my voice?
    Talk in a higher voice,

    the more you talk like that,

    the more consistent it will become.

    How can I change my voice?

    I want to know how can I change my voice by using a device so I can pick a voice that I would like cause when Im on the phone my voice make me sound younger but in person I sound different people think im a baby but im not I want to change it so i won't have to confuse people and sound like me instead of a baby.How can I change my voice?
    I think the best thing to do is see your ETM Doctor He is the best person to tell you what to do

    How to change my voice?

    Well, i would like to make my voice a little more hoarse, :)

    Any suggestions? Lol

    I'm rather hyper just now :DHow to change my voice?
    plastic surgeryHow to change my voice?
    wait until you hit puberty....
    scream alot?
    First i would like to ask why you would want to make your voice hoarse? Hoarsness implies that you've done some damage to your vocal chords, which is not really a good thing. But, if you want hoarsness, go to a sports game of any sort, chear, shout and scream at the top of your lungs for your favorite team for a few hours, wait a bit and voila!.

    drink a LOT of water till your throats suffer.
    Sex change
    Practice. Try it out in front of a mirror and make sure you don't look like you're trying to change your voice. Then slowly introduce this new way of talking to your friends and family. If you spring this on them they may look at you funny.

    I think I (a soprano 1) am having a voice change- and I have auditions for multiple things on July 7th? HELP?!

    I have been a soprano one my entire life (well, since I've been singing- since I was 11- I'm no almost 16) Within the past month I've been noticing that my voice has been sounding scratchier and more whiny when I hit the high notes... And there are a couple of notes I can't hit anymore. Isn't it wat late in my life to be going through a voice change? And it's not because I suck- (not to sound like a snob but I know I've got a decent voice.) How can I make this work with my audition (One for a musical theater class, another for an advanced vocal technique class- they are NOT looking for a certain range so I can audition as an alto, mezzo, soprano, w/e.) No- I don't have a voice teacher to help me with this :(

    PLEASE HELP!!I think I (a soprano 1) am having a voice change- and I have auditions for multiple things on July 7th? HELP?!
    I am a classically trained singer who is majoring in vocal performance. I can't hear what is going on but I can give you some general advice. Relax relax relax. Try not to belt for very long in a puts lots of stress in the chords. If you need to belt for a musical theater piece, belt it once so you know how it will sound and then practice in your head voice. Try to get your jaw, lips, tongue and neck relaxed when you sing. Don't try to sing for more than an hour a day. Hydrate lots especially because it is summer and its hotter. And as for the high notes, use good support and breathing and try to pretend like you are approaching the note from above rather then below if that makes any sense. Good luck!

    Do you have a different tone of voice when you talk to your mother/parents?

    I don't know why, or how, but when I talk to my mother I kind of have a tinge of baby voice, and I don't even notice I'm doing it! I guess, I was an only child raised bu just my mother and was really babied. But it's strange and embarrassing. Not that it's a whole lot, but it's still there. Is that normal? Does your voice change tone when talking to your parents, and if so what do you sound like? Lol! Thanks!Do you have a different tone of voice when you talk to your mother/parents?
    When I'm having a conversation with them it's just normal, but if we disagree on anything or they say something I don't like I turn into a teenager, 'like, yeah whatever, god!'. I don't do it on purpose, or with anyone else!Do you have a different tone of voice when you talk to your mother/parents?
    Not anymore. I am who I am and my parents respect and accept who I am. They will always see you as their child but there is no need to speak differently to them.

    It may be that it is comforting to you, but if you are no longer a child you need to speak to them as you would as you do in public, unless you are doing it for an inside laugh with your family as you used to be as a child

    Just my opinion.
    I do not have different tones however the tune gets somewhat lower in front of seniors members of my family since I think they should be regarded more than others.
    Yes definitely its normal..I guess our voice tone changes according to whom we are talking.

    The voice of Elmer Fudd
    No but my language changes

    You should really stop that
    yes i do.
    Yes, I talk like optimus prime!

    How Can i Change My Voice ??

    I Am A 16-Yr-Old African American Female . i Talk Like A Streotype White Girl [Sorry If It Sounds Harsh ] . But i Talk Like A Barbie . So i Was Wonderinq If Theres Any Tips to Chanqinq My Voice To Like A More i Guess You Can Say ';Ghetto'; tone . Because all my life i Lived In rhOde island and ALL White comunnity . Just Moved to Atlanta. Georgia so i wanna change it up a lil . Help Pls !How Can i Change My Voice ??
    I know how you feel, I'm a Kentuckian! Whenever I go anywhere, people ask me about my accent. I've learned just to be myself, and try not to care what people think.

    Besides you can't really change your voice. I've tried. People will love you for you, not your voice. Not too many people get dissed just for sounding white. It's 2008, discrimination isn't as bad as it used to be. Just be yourself, good luck, and you'll be in my prayers.How Can i Change My Voice ??
    id recomend voice training or choose a diffrent pitch in your voice and stick to it till it becomes a habit or hang around people with stronger voice and you will naturally start sounding like them
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